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You can find answers to the most typical questions we have from parents


Getting to the camp:

Is parking available?

All our campuses have public parking areas close to the entrance, so you are welcome to drive your child to camp.


Is transportation available?

Yes, we cooperate with Schollber bus company, who can provide a door-to-door bus service. The bus can collect child from your home address anywhere in Singapore. Usually bus company provide specific pick-up times around 3-4 days before the camp.


Is your transport safe?

We use Schoolber, a professional bus company that regularly works with schools. Each bus carries 2-8 children. 

What if my pick-up and drop-off points are different?

That's not a problem, Schoolber can pick-up and drop-off from different locations if we are notified in advance.

What if I don't need the bus each day, or if I only need the return bus journey?

You can choose to take the bus only on the days/journeys you need it – there is no need to book the whole week and/or two-way journeys.

Adults to child ratio:

How many children are in one group?

Each group consists of 7 children supported by adult. For smaller kids (3-4 years old) we provide an additional adult/admin, to ensure they have the necessary support.

What is the age range of children in a group?

Children are placed in groups of approximately the same age

Special requests:​

Can I attend the camp with my child?

Unfortunately this is not possible, as we have found it is unsettling for the children who attend without parents. But don't worry, every evening you will receive a video from the camp, so that you can see what your child did, and how engaged he/she was etc. And you can always count on our fair feedback to any of your questions.

Can I travel on the bus together with my child?

Regrettably parents are not allowed to accompany their children on the bus.

What if my child is used to taking a nap after lunch?

In this case you can book a half-day camp and collect your child anytime from 12 noon until 2 pm


Are halal/vegetarian options available?

Yes, we can provide halal and vegetarian food, as well as diary-free, gluten-free and any other food requirements can be covered. Food provided by French Ladle restaurant.

What if my child has special dietary requirements?

There are two options: 1) You can provide your child with food to bring to camp; or 2) If you notify us in advance, we can normally order appropriate food from our food provider. In the past we have catered for children with specific allergies, gluten-intolerance, diabetes, etc. Please contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution. Please also tell us if you child has any severe allergies.

The French Ladle operates in Pandan Valley Condominium since October 2012. They provide our camps with freshly cooked, tasty and well-balanced meals that kids enjoy. They also help cater to those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and lactose-free meals. Eating a good lunch ensures that kids have ample energy to enjoy the rest of the day's activities.



What are your teachers' profiles, and how experienced are they?

We have two types of teacher:

Educational assistants - these teachers have responsibility for the care and well- being of the children in their group. They support children during lessons, play with them on breaks, and assist them with lunch, toilet trips, and any general questions they might have.

Specialist teachers - these teachers have specialist knowledge in a particular field and, aided by the educational assistants, their primary role is to share their knowledge by delivering engaging shows and workshops.

All our teachers are well trained and most have prior teaching experience in schools. The majority have worked for us on many camps and are experienced trainers.

We have teachers from many nationalities, but all have English as their native language.


How safe is your course?

Safety is our TOP priority. All our camp activities undergo thorough risk assessment, plus we provide additional training for all our teachers to make sure safety controls are in place. In every campus, we have a person responsible for health and safety.

All location covered by CCTV



What if my child misses a day due to sickness?

You can move the missed days to any further program (possible to transfer to other child too)​

What happens if a public holiday falls within the camp period?

Our camps always continue, even on public holidays, but you can choose whether your child attends on the public holiday or skips the day and pays a pro-rated price for the camp.

I am not sure my child will like the camp, what should I do?​

You can always join for one day first and if you don't want to continue, we will charge only 1 day.


Will my child receive a memento from the camp?

Yes, every child will receive a t-shirt, certificate and scientific magazine at the end of each week in our branded bag, to remind them of how much fun they had!

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